Pricing + Payment Plans


At Goulburn Vet Clinic, we believe in giving you the best care possible for your pet. Sometimes we are limited by technology or by our location in a regional area. Sometimes financial limitations can have a big impact on what we can do. 

We have partnerships to help make pet care affordable, and to get a good outcome for your pet. 

Zip Pay

ZipPay is a group that dentists, doctors, and vets use to help spread out a big, often unexpected, expense. 

You apply through ZipPay and then can pay the amount over a period of time - interest free. This lets us do our job of fixing your pet sooner, and you have peace of mind knowing that you have control.

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Prevention is better than cure. Vaccination and proper parasite control is so important to prevent a lot of the diseases that we see as vets. 

That's why we work with Centrelink to spread out the cost of preventative care and minimise those big expenses from diseases like parvo. 

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We will work with you

Our focus is always on the health of our patients. If a treatment or test is outside of your budget, let us know - we make no judgments and will do what we can to get the best result while still giving our patients the care they deserve.