We get lots of questions about boarding, here are some of our answers:

What is the drop-off process like?

Boarding cats can be brought to our reception area in business hours. We'll get you to let us know how their general health is, and if they aren't a regular GVC patient we'll check their vaccination, flea, and worming status. We'll also find out their favourite food. 

We don't often combine medical treatments with visits to the cattery, but if there is something you are concerned about, please let us know. 

Can I visit my cat during the stay?

We are currently renovating our cattery, and can't wait to show you around soon. Stay tuned for photos and our special visiting/play room to come by the end of 2018!

What is a typical day?

08:00 AM - Breakfast time! Fresh food and water is given and litter is changed out. 

09:00 AM - Fresh toys are given to the cats - check out the gallery for some examples of the toys we use. 

03:00 PM - Free run time. The more adventurous cats get some time to stretch their legs. We have fully enclosed outside runs for those cats that like to watch birds. 

05:00 PM - Dinner time. The runs are cleaned, and of course, more food! 

All Day - When we have a break, the nurses will often be found getting their daily dose of cuddles from our resident boarders. 

How much does it cost?

Boarding is $22 per cat, per day.

Public holidays are $27/cat/day. 

Will My Cat like it there? 

We are proud of making every visit as relaxing as possible. We do this by: 

  • Using Feliway throughout our building - this is a pheromone that can make cats feel more at home.

  • Giving personal space - no cat has to see another cat that they might not get along with.

  • Giving cats plenty of enrichment and toys

  • Having Fear Free qualified professionals caring for your cat.

  • Keeping the tunes going - studies have shown that certain melodies help to calm cats down, as do calm human voices. We alternate between cat-specific music and radio - sometimes we'll put on a podcast or two.

If your cat is easily stressed, or doesn't travel well, have a chat to our team about how we can make your visit as stress free for your cat AND for you.