Exotic and unusual pets

Furry, feathered, scaly, slimy. Just because your pet isn't a dog or a cat, doesn't mean it deserves any less care. 

We have experience in medicine, surgery, and diagnostic imaging in a range of species from turtles to turtledoves! We also have great relationships with vets working at zoos and exotic-only clinics around Australia - so if something is beyond our expertise your pet still gets expert care. 

P.S. The little moth in the photo below made a full recovery and flew away!


Keeping Unusual pets

Feeding, bedding, enrichment, climate control. 

A lot of our unusual pets have special needs for their husbandry. Getting this right can prevent a lot of diseases from happening and help your pet to live a long happy life. 

If you are considering a new type of pet, get in touch so we can help get you off to the right start.