Cancer Care

Cancer is a scary word to hear from your vet, but it doesn't have to be. 

After losing his own dog to lymphoma in 2012, Dr Zach developed a passion for cancer care. To be able to treat and cure cancer is a huge privilege and we are lucky to be able to offer this service at Goulburn Vet Clinic. 

Just as with us, cancer can come in many forms - skin lumps, internal tumours, or blood cancers like leukaemia. By working with specialist oncologists we can produce a customised plan that will maximise quality of life and slow down, or cure, your pet's cancer. 

If your pet has been diagnosed with cancer, and you are wondering what your options are, then make an appointment with Dr Zach - oncology consultations are 40 minutes long to give plenty of time to talk about what's important to you and your pet. Of course, questions are encouraged so please bring along any research or information you have for us to discuss. 


Chemotherapy Side effects

A lot of people are concerned about putting their pet through chemotherapy - after experiencing side-effects in their own or their family's cancer treatment. 

Fortunately, dogs and cats don't see the same degree of side effects as people do. Most go through their entire treatment side-effect free! 

Nausea is the most common reaction we see, but we manage this with safe medications that you can have on hand when it's needed to minimise any discomfort.
And no, your pet’s hair won't all fall out!

If you are interested in finding out more, this is an in-depth read about what cancer treatment is like: Top Chemo Questions Answered.