Boarding With Us

Going on holidays soon?



We have a cat boarding facility available for use by our clients which allows you to board your cats while on holidays knowing full well that they are not just being left in a cage but are being supervised by our veterinarians and nursing staff. Because the boarding facility is attached to our veterinary clinic, you can rest easy knowing that any problems that may arise while you are away on holidays will be taken care of easily and without fuss.


Our boarding facility provides your pet with a relaxed, calm atmosphere. We only board up to 24 cats at a time which allows us the chance to easily spend time with your pets; keep noise levels down and minimise environmental stress while at the same time allowing for the maintenance of a high standard of hygiene. 




Indoor cat runs
(168cm X 72cm X 100cm)





Outdoor cat runs
(166cm X 85cm X 210cm) 


In our cattery we provide a premium dry diet, Iams Proactive Health Original with Chicken, which contains a formula with Probiotics that helps promote a healthy digestive system.  If your cat is fussy or has a special diet please provide enough for their stay. Our choice of kitty litter is Max’s Cat litter as it is made from natural ingredients (making it entirely biodegradable) and does not contain any harmful chemicals. We sell both the Iams Proactive diet and Max’s cat litter in our clinic.





Our nurses and veterinarians are fully qualified to administer medications as required by your pet. Boarding your pet with us gives you peace of mind so you can enjoy your holiday.


Before considering whether to board your pet please check their vaccination records to make sure they have been vaccinated within the past 12 months. If your pet is due for a booster vaccination make sure this is done well ahead of the boarding period.


Please give us a call very early to book your pet in for boarding, our spaces are strictly limited and holiday periods book up very quickly.